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Space-Qualified EDFAs rated for LEO and GEO applications to be qualified in the second half of 2017

Radiation hardened fiber optics and control electronics are implemented in this product to the level of 100krad. A low noise preamplifier and a high-power booster amplifier are incorporated into a single compact package. These Space-qualified EDFAs are scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

Hi-Rel EDFA is deployed for subsea applications starting in January 2017

A DWDM gain flattened EDFA, built with Hi-Rel. optical components and redundant control electronics, is proven with 25+ years lifetime and reliability. It is developed by Nuphoton and deployed by the customer for subsea LIDAR applications in January 2017.

The module has four EDFAs in parallel in one of the most compact packages in the industry, achieving FIT rate of 50 for all amplifiers and its control electronics.

1550nm laser transmitter, 30 months successful service at International Space Station

A master-oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) based 1550 nm wavelength fiber laser transmitter has been developed for Space-to-Earth communication application, utilizing Telcordia rated 1550 nm seed laser, pump lasers, and fiber optics. With adequate pre-screening of electrical components, the fiber laser transmitter has been in operation since its original launch in April 2014, for 30 months. This presents as a relatively cost-effective route for low-earth-orbit optical communication as well as LIDAR applications.

Nuphoton, in collaboration with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena CA, will be presenting a paper covering this topic at the SPIE Lidar Conference in August 8th, 2017. The paper number is 10406-16. The link is below:


Nuphoton technologies obtains ISO13485 (medical) certification.

Murrieta CA, (September 2011) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has obtained ISO13485 (medical) certification.

The new certification is a re-affirmation of Nuphoton’s commitment to grow in the medical field while sustaining confidence through continued satisfaction of existing customers with focus on performance of quality, cost and delivery matrix.

This new certification will compliment our current certifications of ISO9001 and AS9100 to the medical community and our strategy to become a recognizable brand in the medical arena.
Dr. Ramdas Pillai

Nuphoton President and CEO.

Introducing 2 micron lasers

Murrieta CA, (February 2011) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has introduced 2 micron fiber lasers.

NP7000 series 2 micron lasers are used in medical, surveillance/reconnaissance, countermeasures, medical and gas spectroscopy applications. These are CW lasers with up to 5W optical output.