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Introducing S-band amplifiers

Murrieta CA, (January 2011) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has expanded its fiber amplifier portfolio by adding S-band amplifiersNP2000-S series S-band EDFA provides amplification in the wavelength range 1510 – 1518nm. This EDFA can be used to add monitoring, controlling and communication channels to the existing telecom networks. The unit comes with control software and RS232 interface. Also available in rack mount / bench top chassis.

Nuphoton launches NP5000 family of green lasers

Murrieta CA, (December 2010) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has unveiled green lasers for industrial applications.

NP5000 series green lasers are well suited for applications like materials processing, spectroscopy, trimming, marking and photovoltaic scribing applications. These are pulsed lasers with 1.0ns to 2.5ns pulse width.

Nuphoton launches ‘Universal’ EDFAs

Murrieta CA, (November 2010) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. is introducing NP2000U series ‘Universal’ EDFAs.

NP2000U Universal EDFAs overcome the limitation of traditional EDFAs for lab applications. This EDFA can be re-configured to a wide range of input/ output/ gain conditions. It is an ideal instrument for any communication, test & measurement or laboratory applications.

Nuphoton launches Raman amplifier

Murrieta CA, (July 2010) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has added Raman amplifier to its product portfolio.

NP6000 Raman Amplifier is targeted towards Ultra Long Haul Communication networks. This module can incorporate up to 4 pumps and can provide up to 750mW output. The module comes with integrated electronics and RS232 / I2C interface. The module is a Class IM amplifier and incorporates Automatic Power Reduction (APR) mechanism for safety.

Nuphoton introduces 1W LIDAR source in compact footprint

Murrieta CA, (March 2010) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has launched 1W LIDAR source in compact footprint.NP4000MOPA-1W LIDAR source provides 15uJ pulse energy in a compact footprint of 120 x 120 x 25mm. The unit can provide 5ns pulse width. The unit comes with 30kHz internal trigger for uninterrupted operation in case of trigger loss. The unit has less than 20W power consumption and weighs less than 500gms.The LIDAR source is available in 1064nm and 1550nm wavelengths.