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Nuphoton launches multimode fiber amplifier

Murrieta CA, (October 2009) – Nuphoton has added multimode fiber amplifier to its fiber amplifier products portfolio.

NP2000RS-MM multimode fiber amplifier is available with control electronics and RS232 interface.

JPL uses Nuphoton laser for interplanetary optical communications experiments

Murrieta CA, (February 2009) – JPL published results of it research and experiments on pulsed fiber based master oscillator power amplifier laser at 1550 nm to support moderate data rates with high peak powers in a compact package suitable for interplanetary optical communications.Nuphoton’s NP3000MOPA series products were used for this research.

The results were published in Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7199, Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XXI titled: Robust short-pulse, high-peak-power laser transmitter for optical communications.

Nuphoton introduces LIDAR source in MSA footprint

Murrieta CA, (September 2008) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has added LIDAR source in MSA footprint to its fiber laser portfolio. NP2000MOPA-100 is a compact LIDAR source in MSA footprint, measuring 90mm x 70mm x 20mm.

This unit can provide up to 100mW avg.output power and 4kW peak power. Weighing less than 1lb and with a power dissipation of less than 10W, it is an ideal replacement of microchip disc laser for LIDAR equipment.

Nuphoton Launches Ultra Compact EDFA with Electronics
Murrieta CA, (March 2008)

NP2000HR series Half MSA footprint Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers are designed for power dissipation sensitive, space limited single channel and DWDM fiber-optic communication applications. The amplifier has low power dissipation (< 2.5W). This stand-alone unit requires +3.3VDC bias and has dedicated digital and analog circuitry for precise control of the EDFA along with alarms and monitors for low input and output powers, laser diode current and case temperature. All the operating parameters can be controlled through RS232 or I2C interface and comes with user-friendly software.

Nuphoton Unveils Ultra Compact EDFA

Murrieta CA, (September 2007) – Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. has added the Ultra Compact EDFA to its product portfolio.

Measuring 70mm x 40mm x 12mm, this EDFA has the smallest package available in the industry. EDFA in this package can provide up to 120mW output power.

The EDFA biasing and control is through a 6pin connector. This unit does not have any built in electronics.