ASE 1.5 mm

Key Features
  • RS-232 communication interface
  • Erbium-doped single-mode fiber based fiber broadband light source
  • Test equipment, Scientific Research, etc.


Specification Examples

For broadband light source with similar wavelength range, output power level, specialized gain flatness requirement, and different footprint requirement, etc., contact us for custom option

Model Number ASE-C-20-N-FCA-MR ASE-C-20-2-FCA-MR ASE-C-30-N-FCA ASE-L-20-N-FCA
C band (1530-1565nm)
L band (1570-1605nm)C+L band
C band C band C band
1540 – 1565 nm
L band
Non-PM (Blank)
or Polarization Maintained (PM)
Non-PM Non-PM Non-PM Non-PM
Saturated Output Power 20 dBm 20 dBm 30 dBm 20 dBm
Spectra Flattening Requirement None Yes
2dB peak-to-peak nominal
33 dB nominal None
Optical Output Fiber Cable FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC
Footprint, MSA (MR), half-MSA (HR),
, or other footprint offered by Nuphoton as off-the-shelf option (Blank)
MSA MSA Custom Custom
Operation Temperature [0C] +5 to +50 Case Temperature +5 to +50 Case Temperature +5 to +50 Case Temperature +5 to +50 Case Temperature