EDFA Series 2

Key Features
  • RS-232 or UART communication interface
  • Erbium-doped single-mode fiber based fiber amplifier covering 1570 nm – 1605 nm
  • Telecomm / Datacom / CATV
  • Scientific Research, etc.


Specification Examples

For EDFA with similar wavelength range, input and output power levels, mid-stage access or not, specialized gain flatness requirement, and different operation temperature range, etc., contact us for custom option.

Model Number EDFA-L0-PM-19-19-FCA-MR EDFA-L4-23-25-FCA EDFA-L0-25-30-FCA EDFA-L0-PM-15-15-FCA-HR
Single Channel (C0),
or Gain Flattened (C4)
L0 L4 L0 L0
Non-PM (Blank)
or Polarization Maintained (PM)
Saturated Output Power 19 dBm 23 dBm 25 dBm 15 dBm
Gain 19 dB nominal 25 dB nominal 30 dB nominal 15 dB nominal
Optical Input / Output Fiber Cable PM-FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC PM-FC/APC
Footprint, MSA (MR), half-MSA (HR),
, or other footprint offered by Nuphoton as off-the-shelf option (Blank)
MSA Custom Custom Half-MSA
Operation Temperature [0C] -5 to +65 Case Temperature -5 to +65 Case Temperature -5 to +65 Case Temperature -5 to +65 Case Temperature