EDFL-CW Series

Key Features
  • MOPA based fiber laser with kHz linewidth DFB master oscillator
  • LIDAR, Scientific Research


Typical Specifications

For narrow linewidth laser with similar center wavelength, output power levels, and operating case temperature range, etc., contact us for custom option.

Model Number EDFL-CW-1550-10-5-FCA EDFL-CW-1550-10-10-FCA
Center Wavelength [nm] 1550 nominal 1550 nominal
Master Oscillator Linewidth [kHz] < 10 < 10
Saturated Laser Output Power 5 W 10 W
Laser Output Termination FCA for FC/APC
COL for Collimator
COL for Collimator
Polarization Random Random
Output Beam Quality Single-mode Single-mode
Operation Temperature [0C] +10 to +50 Case Temperature +10 to +50 Case Temperature
Input Voltage +3.3VDC & +2.5VDC +3.3VDC & +5VDC
DC power Consumption [W] ≤ 60 ≤ 60
Communication & Control Interface RS-232 RS-232
Linear Polarization Option, typical Polarization Extinction Ratio ≥ 20 dB, Model Number see below