Pulsed YDFA (1 µm), Type YDFA-Nano

Key Features
  • Amplifying nano-seconds optical pulses
  • OEM module with standard RS232 communication interface
  • Test & Measurement, LIDAR, R&D, etc.
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Model Number YDFA-Nano-1064-10-10-40-100-FCA
Optical Center Wavelength [nm] 1064
Nominal input pulse repetition rate [kHz] 10
Input Pulse Width [ns] 10
Signal Gain [dB] 40
Optical Average Power [mW] ≤ 100
Pulse Energy [uJ] 1
Beam Quality (M2) Single-mode
Optical Cable Length [cm] ≤ 40
Dimension [mm] 167 x 100 x 29
Operation Temperature [0C] -5 to +50 Case Temperature (Extended Temperature Range available upon request)
Electrical Power Supply 5VDC
DC power Consumption [W] ≤ 12
Optical Output Termination Optical cable with FC/APC connector
Ordering Information

  • When ordering, please identify the input optical pulse peak power, pulse repetition rate, pulse width, center wavelength, and the 30-dB-down optical spectra width of the optical input signal.
  • With these necessary information of the input optical signal, Nuphoton is able to provide the custom design for the desired optical output pulse performance.