YDFL-Nano Series 1

Key Features
  • Compact footprint and robust MOPA fiber laser, 120 x 120 x 25 mm3
  • 10+ uJ energy per pulse operation in 1.0 um
  • Light source for LIDAR
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Typical Specifications

For nanosecond laser with similar center wavelength, pulse repetition rate, pulse width, specific collimated beam diameter, and different operation temperature range, contact us for custom option.

Model Number YDFL-Nano-1064-3-15-1W
Fiber Laser Pulses Timing External Triggered, TTL
Center Wavelength [nm] 1064 nominal
Pulse Width [ns] 3
Pulse Energy [uJ] 15
Saturated Laser Output Power 1W
Pulse Repetition Rate (PRF) [kHz] 60 to 650
Laser Output Termination FC/APC, or collimator
Polarization Random
Output Beam Quality M2 < 1.15
Operation Temperature [0C] -10 to +65 Case Temperature
Input Voltage +24VDC
DC power Consumption [W] ≤ 15
Communication & Control Interface RS-232
Linear Polarization Option available upon request